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  • 52,Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
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Youth Empowerment

YEF recently concluded a project ‘My Hands My Future’ on the thematic area “Secure Livelihood”

‘My Hands My Future’ was an income generating and leadership empowerment intervention for vulnerable (needy) youth and young women in a grassroots community, Pyakasa, Abuja.

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The main objective of the project was to empower the most vulnerable and hard to reach communities with skills and strategies which could enable them to graduate from helpless conditions of poverty, continued exploitation and abuse, to acquisition of knowledge, skills and strategies, leading to informed decision making and self-reliance.

The project commenced in December 2012 with 40 beneficiaries. The beneficiaries were registered to learn in different vocations. The number of the beneficiaries with their respective vocation are as follows; barbing (10), hairdressing (8), catering (8) and fashion designing (14). The project came to an end in April 2014.

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Various activities carried out in the course of the project included Life skills, Reproductive Health and HIV & AIDS training, Advocacy Visit, Business Development Skills & Financial Literacy Workshop, Service Learning activities, community outreaches and Media Consultative Forum.

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Success stories

Apprentices who benefitted from the project acquired skills in baking and decorations, tailoring, barbing and hair dressing. As at September 2014, some of the beneficiaries have established their personal businesses while some work as shop assistant (four from barbing department, one from catering department and two from tailoring department). There are other beneficiaries who are into petty trading pending the time they can




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