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  • 52,Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 08091111485



Programmatic Areas

Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health


Nutrition Among Young People

As the pioneer of the HIV/AIDS hotline in Nigeria in 2001, YEF has served more than 2 million young people in Nigeria. Health as one of its core intervention areas include Sexual and Reproductive, HIV and AIDS, Nutrition among adolescents and young people.  The Foundation initiated the first HIV/AIDS hotline in Nigeria in 2000 and this hotline has a toll-free service from Airtel and is functional till date. The project has received extensive support from Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, USAID, National Agency for the Control of AIDS, World Bank and Lagos State AIDS Control Agency. The hotline has reached more than half a million young people with information and referrals on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health as at 2010.  The Foundation initiated mobile HIV/AIDS testing service in 2006 Lagos, and this has reached over 200,000 by 2010. The service reached young people in tertiary institutions in Abuja, Awka, Owerri, Calabar, Ibadan, Makurdi and Lagos. In this Intervention, the Foundation partnered with Lagos State AIDS Control Agency, World Bank, Coca-Cola, Ford Foundation and NACA. Meanwhile, our Goal Project of 9 years has trained and empowered over 100,000 young girls on life skills and sexual/reproductive health matters.



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Sports For Development

YEF sports for development project stands her out

Child Protection

YEF as a member of Child Protection Network (CPN)