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Microsoft teams room setup

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Microsoft Teams Rooms – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

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This page allows you to configure device specific settings, including support for dual Front of Room displays Dual monitor mode , support for proximity join from Teams clients Bluetooth beaconing , and allowing you to send logs to an email address. Alternatively, you can use a centrally stored, per—Teams Rooms XML configuration file to manage the application settings. Table of contents.

Microsoft teams room setup. Microsoft Teams Rooms

Sign in to the Microsoft admin center. · Provide the admin credentials for your Microsoft tenant. · Go to Resources in the left panel, and. Prepare to host Microsoft Teams Rooms and resource accounts (optional) · Set power and local account settings. · Enable Windows Update. · Enable. Walk through Microsoft Teams Rooms setup, admin configurations, and getting your in-room consoles connected. Microsoft Teams Room combines a digital.


Microsoft teams room setup


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Define one organizational unit in your on-premises Active Directory hierarchy to hold all Microsoft Teams Rooms machine accounts if they’re joined to the domain and one organizational unit to hold all the Microsoft Teams Rooms user accounts. Disable Group Policy inheritance to ensure that you apply only the policies you intended to apply to the domain-joined Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Create a Group Policy object assigned to the organization unit that contains your Microsoft Teams Rooms computer accounts. Use this to:. You can use PowerShell to perform several remote management activities, including getting and setting configuration information.

PowerShell remoting must be enabled before any PowerShell remote management can take place and should be considered as part of your deployment processes or configured via Group Policy. For more information about these capabilities and enabling them, see Maintenance and operations. Each Microsoft Teams Rooms device requires a dedicated and unique resource account that must be enabled for both Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business, and Exchange.

This account must have a room mailbox hosted on Exchange. Calendar processing must be configured so that the device can automatically accept incoming meeting requests. For more information about creating these accounts, see Configure accounts for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Many monitoring and alerting systems display the machine name as a key identifier, so it’s important to develop a naming convention for Microsoft Teams Rooms deployments that allows support personnel to easily locate the Microsoft Teams Rooms that has been flagged as requiring an action.

If you decide to use Microsoft Operations Management Suite, you should install the Operations Management Suite agent as part of the software installation process and configure the workspace connection information for your workspace.

Only modify the fields on this page if your environment requires it. Once you have reached the final page, you can tap the Finish button, and your system will reboot. When it comes back, it will automatically sign into Teams and Exchange based on the information you have entered. Once your system reboots, you should see the MTR home screen.

You can now configure additional settings such as the theme, peripherals, and more. After you sign in, you will see the About page. This shows your MTR application version, Windows version, and network information at a glance. The Account and Advanced pages will already have the information entered previously. On this page, you are able to configure various options controlling how the device behaves, such as enabling or disabling automatic screen sharing, showing meeting names, and automatically leaving meetings.

This is also where you can enable third party meeting direct guest join for Cisco Webex or Zoom. This page allows you to configure device specific settings, including support for dual Front of Room displays Dual monitor mode , support for proximity join from Teams clients Bluetooth beaconing , and allowing you to send logs to an email address.

This page allows you to select the audio devices mic and speaker that the system will use. Additionally, you have the option to select a Content Camera, but this is only for Microsoft-certified whiteboard capture cameras. You also have the option to select one of several included themes. If you wish to load your own custom background, follow the link below. Once you have configured the system to your liking, tap Save and exit.



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