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Inventor Keyboard Shortcuts, Hotkeys & Commands Guide | Autodesk – Post a question. Get an answer.

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Inventor Shortcuts 【 AutoDesk Inventor shortcuts PDF 】 Inventor keys.CREATING CUSTOM SHORTCUT KEYS IN AUTODESK INVENTOR

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You have been detected as being from. Where applicable, you can see country-specific product information, offers, and pricing. Get shortcut keys and commands lists for popular Autodesk products. Visit these keyboard shortcut guides to get lists of commands and printable reference guides for Autodesk software.

Get the default action shortcut keys for Civil 3D. Get one-key shortcuts, pane specific commands and shortcut commands by category for Maya. Mudbox hotkeys for sculpting, painting, transformation, display, menus and more. Get marking-menu hotkeys and shortcuts for tools within Sketchbook. Revit keyboard shortcuts for Annotate, Architecture, Collaborate, Manage, and more.

Get one-key shortcuts, commands by category and multi-character command aliases for Inventor. Learn how to create and customize shortcut keys for AutoCAD products.

Visit Autodesk Knowledge Network to find tutorials, documentation, and troubleshooting articles for Autodesk products. Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. All rights reserved. Worldwide Sites You have been detected as being from. Autodesk Software Keyboard Shortcuts. Commands and Hotkeys. AutoCAD Shortcuts. AutoCAD for Mac. AutoCAD Architecture. Architecture Shortcuts. Civil 3D. Civil 3D Shortcuts.

AutoCAD Electrical. Electrical Shortcuts. Maya, Mudbox and Sketchbook Pro Shortcuts. Maya Shortcuts. Mudbox Shortcuts. Sketchbook Pro. Sketchbook Shortcuts. Fusion , Inventor, and Revit Shortcuts. Fusion Fusion Shortcuts. Revit Shortcuts. Inventor Shortcuts.

Vault and Navisworks Shortcuts. Vault Shortcuts. Navisworks Shortcuts. More Shortcut Command Resources. Learn more. Start here.


10 Autodesk Inventor Shortcuts you MUST Know


A ball and socket are an example of a ball joint. Enable the Express option and set the unique files threshold in the Application Options, Assembly tab. You can then use the Hide Relationships tool to turn off the display of the relationship glyphs in the graphics area. If any assembly relationships contain errors, you can use the Show Sick Relationships tool to find them quickly.

Constraints are inferred based on the type of geometry selected. The constraint is previewed in the graphics area as you drag over the components involved. To set a specific constraint, release the Alt key and enter one of the following shortcut keys. You can press the spacebar to flip the constraint solution, from Mate to Flush, for example. For instance, entering the following into a dimension is perfectly acceptable: 3.

To adjust the save timer settings, select the Application Options button and then select the Save tab. I’ve never had a problems with migration, but you only have to be wrong once! Task Scheduler will be in there. You can specify how many versions of each file are stored in the OldVersions folder. Expand Options.

Enter the number of versions to keep. Alternatively, you can restore an old version as the current version of the file.

Before the restoration of an old version, the file is saved as the most recent version in the OldVersions folder. Consolidation draws objects that have the same appearance as a single group, improving the GPU usage. In the following images, the model on the left displays the results of rotating the model using the maximum of ten frames per second.

Increasing the frame rate increases the speed, but the choice of components to draw is not intelligent. The model on the right shows the results of rotating at the faster maximum frame rate of 20 Hz. The model remains recognizable, and all view operations are faster. Using Keytips, you can navigate in the Application Menu and the ribbon using only the keyboard.

Use the keyboard arrows to navigate to commands on the ribbon and Application menu. Press ALT or F10 to display shortcut keys for common tools in the application window. Keytips appear as underlined characters to indicate which key or combination of keys to press to activate a command.

When you select a keytip, more keytips display for that tool. If you attempt to do so, only a member of the factory will be placed instead. However, keep in mind that if you create a regular part file, place it into an assembly, and then turn it into an iPart factory, changing the factory table does not place a member file but simply updates the factory.

Using factory files in assemblies in this manner is not the intended workflow for iParts. Another major advantage of iFeatures is that they enforce standards. Since the iFeature can be designed to allow the user to select predefined sizes only, the possibility of error is greatly reduced.

You can use the number of unique parts in your assemblies unique parts as opposed to multiple instances of the same part as a general rule of thumb when determining how much RAM to consider.

The MemProbe utility, shown in Figure, looks at the Inventor process and displays its use of physical and virtual memory. It can often be useful in troubleshooting issues of capacity and slow performance. Share from page:. Flag as Inappropriate Cancel. Delete template? Are you sure you want to delete your template? Cancel Delete. Cancel Overwrite Save.

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Enjoy millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Unavailable in your country. Continue browsing Preview unavailable. Draw a solid donut shape. Single line text. Draw an arc between two intersecting lines. Offset an object by the distance. Construction line in one direction. Formatting Shortcuts. Open application load dialogue box. Open the edit block definition dialogue box. Open hatch and the gradient dialogue box. Open dimension style manager dialogue box.

Open the design center. Open layer manager. Open line type manager. Change the line type scale. Open line weight settings dialogue box. Match properties of an object. Launch options dialogue box. Open sheet set manager palette. Open text style dialogue box. Display tool palette. Open table style dialogue box. Autodesk Inventor Shortcuts and commands help you to work faster and more efficiently. Whether you are a beginner or an Inventor Pro expert, these shortcuts will make working straight forward.

Autodesk Inventor has numerous useful tools and these shortcuts will help you to control the work. With these shortcuts, you can annotate, analyze, search, view, and add a contextual element, and much more.


Autodesk inventor 2018 shortcut keys free download

CTRL-A. SELECT ALL / Selects everything on the screen. CTRL-C. COPY / Copies selected items. CTRL-F. FIND / Presents the Find Part Sketches dialog box in. View Shortcuts ; Origin points visibility, Ctrl +. ; Origin plane visibility, Ctrl + ] ; Origin axes visibility, Ctrl + / ; Switch screen, Ctrl + 0.



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