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  • 52,Bode Thomas, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 08091111485


When I was in Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS1), I used to perform woefully in my academic work. But since I joined Goal everything about me has changed including my academic performance. Goal training have made me realized the tips for achieving quality academic performance. While the benefits enlisted in the Goal life Skill manual motivated me more in doing well in my school work. Some of the things I did after my training was always being in class and paying attention when my teacher is teaching, doing my assignment and class work promptly, asking important and relevant questions etc. However, my academic performance has greatly improved and I have become one of the best students in my school. I have been chosen by the school authority to be representing the school in debate and quiz competitions as I have been also made the Junior Secondary School Christian leader, the Red Cross secretary, JET club president and secretary to the student representative council. Goal programme has really helped me in all areas of life because I can boldly face the crowd, talk to others politely and report any form of violence against me or among any of my peers . I also learned how to kick football, but more professionally on how to trap and make passes to my team mates on field while forming an alliance in solidarity to achieve our goal as a team.