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Our Top Mission…

We see a proactive youth population with skills for positive change

Secure Livelihood

‘My Hands My Future’. The main objective of the project was to empower the most vulnerable and hard to reach communities with skills and strategies which could enable them to graduate from helpless conditions of poverty, continued exploitation and abuse, to acquisition of knowledge, skills and strategies, leading to informed decision making and self-reliance.

Sport Development

YEF as an organization has been using sport to convey positive messages that influence behaviour, empowering young people, particularly girls in Secondary schools within the country with various skills ranging from team building, problem solving, respect for values, interpersonal skills, self esteem, leadership and so on.

Yef and Education

Education is a way of learning in which knowledge and skills are inculcated to others through teaching, training, or research. However, through learning of new skills and knowledge people became useful to themselves and to the society at large. These especially are in concordant with YEF Vision and Mission.

Yef and the enviroment

YEF as an organization is committed to enlightening and empowering young people about the environment; the need to know and understand factors that constitutes hazards; and the conservation of the environment.
YEF’s focus is on environmental pollution and sanitation, working with young people to ensure a clean and pollution-free environment.

Yef and health

YEF is committed to seeing healthy transition to adulthood especially for the girl child and over the years has worked in secondary and tertiary institutions empowering young people to adopt positive health seeking behavior, protect their sexual and reproductive rights as well as influence others to do same.

For over 2 decades

We have empowered thousands of young people

YEF aims to improve the economic power of young people. Nigeria like most developing nations of the world is faced with myriad of problems and harsh realities which includes poverty, unemployment, conflicts and diseases. YEF intend to strengthen the ability of disadvantaged young people to access sufficient food and income, and to have more control over how and when they access these essential lifelines.

YEF recently concluded a project ‘My Hands My Future’.

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