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Education is a way of learning in which knowledge and skills are inculcated to others through teaching, training, or research. However, through learning of new skills people became useful to themselves and to the society at large. These especially are in concordant with YEF Vision and Mission


Admittedly system of Education in Nigeria is bedeviled with lots of fundamental problems that have resulted in schools functioning far below expectations.  The existence and stringent belief of patriarchy in African society has perpetually marginalized the women particularly girls which obviously reflects in every spheres of their lives most notably Education (In most cases boys are preferred to go to school than girls, additionally girls are mostly deprived of Education by other social problems like poverty, early marriage and early pregnancy). Regrettably, Education for the girl child is not given a deserved attention which in no small measure contributes to the continuous rise of out of school girls in the continent of Africa. An uneducated girl child is susceptible to every form of abuse and neglect including rape, child trafficking and outright deprivation of the essential human rights. This obnoxious experience of some of these girls however directly thwarts their dreams and renders their future meaningless. YEF been a humanitarian and non profit making organization, having discovered the challenges of the female child and its debilitating risk to the future of the society deemed it fit to help, educate and empower the girl child towards realizing their dreams.

Nihilne Te Nocturnum Tempor

The projects since its inception, has educated and build the leadership capacity of over Ten thousand young girls and are still ongoing.  Young girls have been trained especially in the areas of pressure management and self-esteem, saving/making wise spending decisions, enhance academic performance and their relevance in the society. It also equipped them with important tools to cope with the strains and stress of life for their healthy future.