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Sports Development

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Sport is any form of athletic activity that requires skills and physical exertion of an individual or team governed by a set of rules or custom and usually of a competitive nature.

Sports development in Nigeria is still not exploited in full. It can be used for various human developments- initiatives; to bridge ethnic and cultural divides, promote tolerance of any form, non discrimination, create jobs and advocate healthy lifestyle.  Sport unites people of diverse culture, religion, race and beliefs; creating a sense of belonging and social integration. Although sports development is not the solution to all the problems of a society nor an alternative to life-subsistence needs of communities that are disadvantaged. Yet it can create positive effects and be used as a valuable tool for development.

Activities Source Of Support Year Of Implementation
Community-Based Massive Awareness Raising Campaign in Ibadan, Oyo state (Football matches) UNICEF 2001

Sports fosters social integration and identity building especially among minorities and the marginalized like the street kids, ethnic groups or people suffering from HIV& AIDS; helping the healing process in traumatic situations, bringing joy and fun to brighten up lives. In light of this YEF as an organization has been using sport to convey positive messages that influence behaviour, empowering young people, particularly girls in Secondary schools within the country with various skills ranging from team building, problem solving, respect for values, interpersonal skills, self esteem, leadership and so on. It has been used as a platform for peer education on various issues considering high-risk health groups especially young people of all social groups.

Through sports, YEF unites girls from different backgrounds, ethnic culture, religions, social statue together to enjoy playing sport and learning at the same time. We also use sports to educate these young people to fight discrimination, raise awareness about rights especially girls’ rights and issues.


When implemented as an integral part of education, sport supports physical and mental health while instilling discipline and time management skills.

At YEF we believe that sport is a right that everyone should enjoy without hindrance irrespective of beliefs, background, race or creed social status or income. In particular, we believe children “have a right to play” and sports is an avenue for doing this.