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Promoting Sustainable Environment

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Environment is the sum total of the surroundings or geographical area a person, animal, or plants live and it includes natural forces (water, air and so on). These living and non living things constantly interact within the environment; emphasis is on the impact of humans on these components.

The impacts are of great importance economically, socially and in policy formulation. As such there is a need to constantly check and control the activities of man to reduce or eradicate negative consequences as it affects the environment


Presently in Nigeria there is an increased level of consciousness as it relates to the relationship between development and the quality of the environment. Though there is still much to be done in terms of legislative backing. Nigeria like many other developing countries has various environmental issues like soil degradation, desertification, deforestation, erosion, flooding, environmental hygiene, pollution and so on.

Nihilne Te Nocturnum Tempor

Most of these problems are as a result of human activities on the environment with little or no precaution. There is therefore a need to balance development activities with respect and preservation of the environment.  It is very important to understand how environmental exposure based on human activities and natural disasters cause various illnesses and diseases annually.

Concilium Totius Galliae

It is with this view that YEF as an organization is committed to enlightening and empowering young people about the environment; the need to know and understand factors that constitutes hazards; and the conservation of the environment.

YEF’s focus is on environmental pollution and sanitation, working with young people to ensure a clean and pollution-free environment.